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9:00 AM
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From the Pastor´s Desk October 2011

While in NC a couple of weeks ago our team removed tree off the roof a woman’s vacation home near a large body of water.  Not being familiar with the area I asked one of the men in the neighborhood if that was the ocean.  He said that it wasn’t but that it was “brackish water.”  I said, “OH” and went on, not having any idea at all what brackish water was.  When I got back to Tulsa I decided to look it up.         Brackish water is salt water that has been mixed with fresh water, so that the water is salty, but not as salty as the ocean.  This occurs when a river empties into the ocean, but with the tidal changes, the ocean also comes into the river. The closer to the ocean, the more salter or brackish the water...the further inland, the less salty.  There becomes a point at either extreme where the water is either totally salt-water or totally fresh water.  Of course, the flora and fauna change depending on the salinity of the water and their proximity to the source of the river or the ocean.
       I began to think of how that applies to the Christian life: the closer we get to the Source of the Christian life, Jesus Christ, the more we become like Him, and the further we get from sin the less effect that it has upon our lives. The analogy breaks down in that the brackish water has no choice what affects it.  But we do.  We can choose to be influenced by Jesus depending upon our relationship to Him.  If we cultivate this relationship by prayer, study of the Word of God, and fellowship with the body of Christ the Spirit of God makes us like Jesus.  But if we are not actively seeking Christ, by default we are influenced by the world and Satan, and the further we get from Christ.  As we get further from the Source He has less influence upon us and we fail to become like Jesus. So, who has the greatest influence on your life?  My prayer is that it is Christ. See you Sunday. Bro. Keith

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