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From the Pastor´s Desk May 2008


I love LLBC.  Why?  Because the Church was conceived in the heart of God.  Because it is made up of believers saved by the blood of the Lamb of God.  Because it is a spiritual fellowship of those with whom we will spend eternity.  Because we are part of the same body.  And because I believe in the church.  As Christians, saved by the blood of Jesus, we should have a passion for the church for which Christ died. The opposite is apathy. I believe that apathy is sin and not fitting for a child of God. 

I’ve shared the statistics before, but for emphasis will do it again.  3500 churches close every year – that is 10 churches a day.  The reasons are numerous, but it boils down to these two: (1) Churches die because they are unwilling to admit how bad the situation is that the church is in.  (2) Churches die because they are unwilling to make needed changes.  Now I know that people don’t like to change (unless they see a need for change.)  They prefer the comfort of the familiar.  It is a survival tactic.  So why should we change? First, if we don’t change we won’t reach the hundreds of lost people in our community.  I am no longer satisfied in seeing only a few people’s lives changed a year.  The Lord has commissioned LLBC to take the gospel to the world: Jerusalem AND Judea AND Samaria AND the uttermost parts of the world. But we are not taking the gospel to the lost people.  Jesus said that they fields were “white unto harvest.”  We need to go out into the fields and tell people about Jesus. Second, if we don’t change we will fail to bring Christ the glory that He deserves.  What I am referring to specifically is that the church has been commanded to equip every believer for ministry.  God has gifted each of us for ministry, yet many do not have a ministry – either inside or outside the church. The job of leadership is to help prepare every member for the ministry God has gifted you for.  We are not set up to do that right now.  We need to change our structure so that we are. And there is an urgency to make changes.  Christ’s return could delay for many years, or He could return tomorrow.  And if He does, I want us to be able to hear that we have been faithful.  And I want everyone in our community to have had an opportunity to hear the gospel message and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Will you join me in praying for LLBC?  Will you pray for personal renewal and the reFocusing of LLBC?

Bro. Keith

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