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From the Pastor´s Desk July 2011

For some, summertime is a time to get away from it all, to rest and relax and just do nothing.  For some, it is a time filled with fun activities, doing what you can’t do in the winter time. But here at LLBC, summertime is a time filled with ministry. I thank you that you are so ministry minded.  We had a great VBS because so many of you gave of your time to prepare and spend time with our kids.  A special thanks to Shelly Sheffler who headed up our VBS this year.  I’m not sure how many helped with VBS this year, but there were people from the Youth Department all the way up to the JOY Class and Duel’s class that worked in VBS. Thank you to all. 

Falls Creek was especially good this year. I can’t say why it was different, but it was.  I am praying that the students that made commitments will continue in their walk with Christ throughout the year.  Thanks to all who had a part in ministering to our youth.  Without a vision and financial support from our church, we would not have invested the time or energy into their lives. 

As you are reading this we are at Children’s Camp.  We covet your prayers as we minister to our children.  They will have a great time. Pray that they will make commitments that last for a lifetime.

FACT: The majority of people that are saved today are saved by the age of 15.  Our ministry to our youth and children is critical.  I ask that you continue to pray for them, to get to know them and love them and encourage them in their walk with Christ.

In just a couple of weeks we will be taking a group to Houston for a mission trip. Pray for all that are going, for what they will learn, and for those they will be ministering to.  We need your financial support as well. The cost is $165 per person.  If you can help by providing at least a partial scholarship it would be greatly appreciated.

Sandy and I will be traveling this month to see Andrew and Christina.  We thank you so much for allowing us to spend this time with them.  In my absence Dr. Randy Childers, the Executive Director of our association, will be preaching in the morning worship services and men from our church in the evening services.   If you have a ministry need while I am gone, contact one of the members of the Ministry Board (Audie Bradshaw, Mike Cox, Jim Most, Ted Robinson, Gary Venable).  We love you.  Bro. Keith


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