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From the Pastor´s Desk April 2011

Last Sunday morning I encouraged each of you to make a commitment.  (NOTE: if you were not in services last Sunday, it is not too late to make this commitment)  I encouraged each of you to commit to pray for someone that you know needs to be saved. I didn’t limit to who it could be – a family member, a friend, co-worker or neighbor.  I asked you to pray that this person have many opportunities to hear the gospel this year. And I also asked you to pray that God would open the door for you to share the gospel with that person.  I hope you have taken seriously that request and have made that commitment.  Can you image how many more people will be in the kingdom of God if we are faithful to pray and share?  I am praying for you.

This month we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Easter is a glorious day, a day of celebration, a day of victory over sin and death! It is a day to celebrate with great joy and worship a tomb that was empty and a Lord that is alive.  Yet Easter would not be possible if it were not for Good Friday.  On that day, after His mock trial and condemnation, Jesus was crucified on a cruel cross on Mt. Calvary – a hill whose name means the place of the skull.  Although Calvary is a place of death it is beautiful because of what happened there. On the cross Jesus died for our sins. There He took upon Himself all of the sins of world – past, present and future – and He became sin.  But not only did the righteous Son of God become sin for us, He suffered the penalty we deserved for our sins to satisfy the righteousness of a Holy God who loved the world but condemns sin.  When He cried out “it is finished” He was saying that He had done all that was necessary to purchase our redemption. 

One of my favorite Easter songs was written by the contemporary Christian band Newsboys:
I'm forgiven because You were forsaken, I'm accepted, You were condemned
I'm alive and well, Your Spirit is within me because You died and rose again.

Thank you, Lord for going to the cross for me and dying for me. Thank you, Lord that while we were yet sinners, Christ died. Thank you for doing for us what we could not do.

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