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From the Pastor's Desk - January 2013

From the Pastor’s Desk – Here we are ready to begin a new year. What are your dreams and hopes for 2013?  As I think of the New Year I there are several things that I would like to see: revival in America, more people involved in taking the gospel to the nations (Acts 1:8), church growth, and personal spiritual growth.  I also am praying for my family.  Our oldest is moving his family to Angola. What an opportunity for them to experience other cultures and see the needs of the world. I pray that God would use this time in their lives to prepare them for a lifetime of service to our Lord. Another year will pass and our daughter will remain be in Germany with her husband. As they serve our nation they are also having an opportunity to live in a culture that has forgotten the Lord. In most European nations church attendance is less than 3% and many beautiful cathedrals have become tourist attractions rather than places of worship. My prayer is that this experience will give them an even greater passion to serve the Lord through their church. Our other son has completed his Master’s degree and is mulling over his options for the future. Our prayer for him is that his life experiences will prepare him to help others and that he will become the man that God desires him to be.

As Sandy and I prepare for our 11th year of service to our Lord here at Lynn Lane we reflect upon His rich blessings of ministry and His sustaining us in the trials we have faced. We love the Lord and desire for Him to be glorified in our lives daily. As we face the New Year we look forward to ministering beside you, praying with you and loving those that Christ has called us to reach in our community.

This morning I was reading from Matthew 25. In the third teaching in this chapter Jesus talks about the judgment of the sheep and the goats. The sheep were rewarded because they had ministered to others and the goats were sent into eternal condemnation because they didn’t. The point Jesus was making was that we serve others because of what Christ has done in our lives. We minister because we are going to heaven not to try to earn our way. James picked up on this teaching in his epistle when he said that faith without works is a dead faith. My prayer is that your faith is alive and active...evidenced by the life that you live in Christ.  May God richly bless you and your family in the coming year.  Bro. Keith

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