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From the Pastor's Desk - February 2014

From the Pastor’s Desk – As I think and pray about the future of Lynn Lane Baptist Church I sometimes wonder what were the dreams of those who founded this congregation almost 100 years ago. Recently I read some of the historical documents of our church. I discovered that as early as 1908 – 106 years ago – Sunday School classes were held in the Lynn Lane School. I also learned that this congregation was once organized as the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Lynn Lane. Though it closed for a time it was reorganized in 1929 as the Lynn Lane Baptist Church with 14 charter members.

Another thing that I have read: throughout its history this church has always had the conviction that God was at work and that we were to be a part of what He was doing.  I believe that is still true today.  God is at work in the lives of His people and in the ministries He has called us to do.  We see evidence of that in our congregation today: in the lives of those who have been saved, in the ministries the Lord has given us that allow us to reach out to our community and in seeing people respond to the gospel. We can also see it in the lives of those whom the Lord has called to join us in our ministry.

And about our future: as long as the Lord allows us to continue our ministry, and as long as we are faithful to our task of making disciples, God will bless us and give us a fruitful ministry. But if we stop making disciples, if we stop listening to Him, and if we stop being obedient to His Word, then He will remove His hand of blessing from us and allow us to die. I don’t believe that is what the founders of this church had in mind when they first gathered to begin this work. And I don’t either.

Would you join me in praying for our church, that we will hear from our Lord and follow Him in obedience?

One other word; by the time you read this there is a new Hmong Baptist congregation will begin using our facilities. They will be meeting on Sunday afternoons.  Pray for them as they seek to reach other Hmong for Christ.

Praying for you, Bro. Keith


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