From the Pastorīs Desk September 2008

Pastor’s Article for September, 2008

This past Tuesday I received a prayer request for the German Team of extreme southern Brazil.  I would like to share that request with you: “Members of the German Team have struggled through a series of difficulties both physically and spiritually... Both IMB and national team members can grow weary in the face of illness and spiritual darkness—and even spiritual attack. Often the difficult and dark days are a prelude to blessing and growth if they will but persevere.”

God spoke to me from this request.  As I have stated a number of times I have been concerned with our church – with the attendance numbers among other concerns.  That is why I contacted CRM and why we have contracted David Zimmerman to help us to move forward to reach our community for Christ.  That is why, as a church, we voted to do reFocusing.  We had our first reFocusing Retreat and will have the make-up retreat in just a few days.  Then we will begin NEXTsteps, a discipleship process to help you live out God’s plan for your life.  NEXTsteps will be led by the RFT (Audie Bradshaw, David Brown, Dean Johnson, Jim Most, and Mike Cox) in small groups, some which will meet in homes, others here at the church. 

Here is how God spoke to me from this request.  There will be lots of hard work ahead before we (LLBC) are who called has called us to be.  We may still see dark and difficult days ahead, but if we persevere in following the leadership of the Lord, these may be a prelude to growth and blessing for us as a church.

Continue praying for me and for your RFT as we lead LLBC.  Pray for everyone who has or will complete their personal calling statement to begin living out the ministry God has called them to. 

Bro. Keith 

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