From the Pastor´s Desk November 2008


Pastor’s Article for November 2008
One of my colleagues said that the fundamental issue of the New Testament is that we must grow in Christ so that we become more and more like Jesus. Are you growing in Christ? Are you more mature in your faith than you were 3-5 years ago? How do we grow in Christ? And who is responsible for our spiritual growth. Is it the church? Is it the preacher? I believe that our growth, our maturity in Christ, is our own responsibility. It is the responsibility of the church to teach its members how to feed themselves so that they can mature in Christ and feed themselves. Here is some help:
My friend Lynn Sasser, pastor in Mexico City, told about Mortimer Adler’s 1940 book How to Read a Book. Many who thought they knew how to read books learned all over again about skimming, analyzing, comprehending, dissecting, and absorbing a book's message. His concept can be applied to sermons. Here's how to hear a sermon for growth:
(1) Pray for your pastor's message and prepare your heart to hear it;
(2) If you know the text in advance, read it;
(3) Sit near the front;
(4) Bring your Bible, and follow along with the Scriptures;
(5) Make notes of the outline, main points, quotes, and illustrations;
(6) Take away at least one truth to apply in a practical way to your life; and
(7) Try to share something from the message with another person as soon as possible.
Lynn continued, “Of course, we mustn't rely on a once-a-week sermon for all our spiritual nourishment. Let's remember those faithful Bereans who received the Word with readiness and searched the Scriptures daily. We must feed upon the Word daily and not just once a week. Sundays should be a launching pad for the rest of the week.
Live according to God's word.”
A love for the Word in the pulpit is bound to produce a love for the Word in the pew
I am praying for you. 
Bro. Keith
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