From the Pastor´s Desk March 2008


LLBC has begun a journey.  Without a better name for it we shall call it “reFocusing LLBC.”  Unlike one in which we know our destination, we are trusting the Lord to lead us as He desires.  You have chosen a reFocusing Team (RFT) to guide us in this journey.  Pray for them.  They are Audie Bradshaw, David Brown, Mike Cox, Dean Johnson, Jim Most, our facilitator, Dr. David Zimmerman and me. 

The first “big event” for our reFocusing journey will be a retreat at Green Country Camp in Disney, March 28-29.  The outcome of this gathering is to better understand the general health of our church as revealed in the NCD (evaluation that some of you participated in) and to create opportunities to discuss the current climate of LLBC in a safe environment.  I encourage everyone that can to go. 

The RFT will write a written summary of the Retreat (Rationale for Recommending An Unprecedented Future and Pathways to New Vision begins with Personal/Spiritual Renewal) and present it to our church in April. 

Pray that we will be open to God’s leadership and to following what He says for us to do. 

On another item, thank you for allowing me to serve as your pastor.  I love you and count it a privilege that March 10 marks the 6th anniversary of my first Sunday with you. 

Bro. Keith

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