From the Pastorīs Desk June 2008


I believe that the Lord has begun a great work in LLBC. I believe that we are headed in the right direction. I want to share with you why I believe this is true. During the past two weeks our church received recognition from the North American and the International Mission Boards. LLBC led Rogers Baptist Association in total gifts given to the 2007 Annie Armstrong and Lottie Moon Offerings. This humbles me as your pastor. God has placed a burden in your hearts to reach people for the Lord Jesus Christ and to provide the resources for our missionaries to be able to carry on their work. But we cannot sit back and say that we have done our part in reaching the world for Christ. God has planted LLBC where we are for the purpose of reaching THIS community for Christ. That means that we must do more than just give. We must pray for the people of our community. We must love them. And we must share the hope of Christ that we have with them. Days are different than they were 20 years ago. Reaching our community means more than posting flyers about events or sending out an invitation. If we are going to reach our community it means being involved with the people of our community.  It means developing a missionary mindset to help us to know our community. reFocusing is about being missionary minded and hearted. It begins with your relationship to the Lord and His purpose for your life. I encourage you to continue praying for the Lord to give us a love and burden for our community. I also ask that you follow the Lord’s leading as He deals in your life. And pray with me that this time next year we are not only celebrating our gifts to missions but that we are celebrating the results of God’s working through us in our community. Bro. Keith
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