From the Pastor´s Desk August 2008


Our Focused Living Retreat is August 8-9. I want to encourage everyone to commit that Friday evening and Saturday to a life-changing experience that will build community in our church and help us to minister to our community. During the retreat you will develop a Personal Calling Statement – which will be unique to you. I wanted to share with you a part of my Calling Statement because it has changed my life and how I do ministry. I am going to share with you one small part of that. It is part of my personal vision statement:

God has called me to expand His kingdom by developing personal relationships with non-believers and seeking opportunities to share the gospel

God has called me to expand His kingdom – that is not unique to me.

God has called me to develop relationships with non-believers – that is not unique either.

What God has led me to do is to begin spending part of my study time in places where people go that I might get to know people that are not saved and begin developing relationships with them. So part of my week will be spent at Starbucks, or Panera, or Stonewood Coffee drinking coffee and talking to people. That is not unique either. Duel Cox has done it for years. My target: anyone who will be willing to talk. Why? First, so I can glorify God in being faithful. Secondly, so I can have opportunity to tell others of the hope that I have in Jesus and that they can have as well.


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