From the Pastor´s Desk April 2009


Pastor’s Article for April 2009
Now that the last Church Summit for reFocusing is over, some of you may be asking, “What’s next?” You want to know what is changing for you. Right now the RFT is working to refine the Mission Plan, which we will submit to the church soon. If this is approved, it will be what guides our ministry for the next 3-5 years. We are also working to implement the Ministry Structure and People Flow that we discussed at our post-summit Pulse Meetings, which also must be approved by the church. Over the next several weeks, mostly during the evening worship services, we will spend a few minutes discussing what came out of our Summits and Pulse Groups and the work of the RFT. As these documents become available, we will submit them to you as well.
We have already begun our ministry to the Sandburg community. Audie Bradshaw, who has been nominated to become our Missions Coordinator in our proposed ministry structure, will be sharing with you in the weeks ahead, more opportunities to minister to Sandburg Elementary. Also, the principal of Sandburg, Barbara Burke, will in one of our worship services for us to sign the “Partners in Education” document.
I ask that you be in prayer for the RFT as they finish their work and for the church as we begin a new era in the ministry of LLBC.
Bro. Keith
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