From the Pastor's Desk - May 2015

From the Pastor’s Desk –One of the speakers at them Men’s Retreat was Brandon Guindon, one of the authors of the Real Life Discipleship Training Manual (as of this writing we have had 22 people complete the manual.)  Brandon stated that Jesus, who was the Master Disciple Maker, had three keys for making disciples. Let me summarize them briefly: #1 He was an intentional leader –When He called His disciples He said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men. His plan was to change their lives and then lead them to join Him in His mission. Discipleship does not happen by accident.  If discipleship is not intentional it is not reproducible. #2 Jesus had a reproducible process that simple enough to be replicated by his followers.  Jesus modeled the type of life that He wanted His disciples to follow as He spent time with them. Then He left (was resurrected). The disciples lived and modeled the life of Jesus had lived before others. #3 Jesus demonstrated that discipleship is best learned in a relational environment – discipleship gatherings become a place where people can be real, intentional and learn from watching the lives of others in the group. One hour a week is not enough to make a relational environment. It requires time.

We have come a long way in the last year in learning about discipleship but have so much more to do. On Saturday, May 16 (10 AM- 4 PM) we will meet in the Fellowship Hall for a Leadership Summit.  Our goal is making disciples that make disciples. Won’t you come and help give direction to what we are doing as a church to make disciples?

VBS (June 7-10), Falls Creek (June 15-20) and Children’s Camp (June 22-26) are just around the corner.  We covet your prayers as we prepare for these three events.  We will need scholarships for camps ($110 for Falls Creek and $90 for Children’s Camp). Let me know if you can provide a full or partial scholarship. 

I am praying for you. Pastor Keith

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