From the Pastor's Desk - January 2015

From the Pastor’s Desk – When we lived in Brazil, the biggest worship service of the year was “Ano Novo” or New Years.  This one worship service seemed to be more important than even Easter or Christmas. Now I know that this is foreign to our culture, but there are some lessons that we can learn from our Brazilian brothers and sisters.

  • The New Year is a time of new beginnings. It is a time to renew or make new commitments to the Lord.  The New Year’s worship service always began around 10 PM on New Year’s Eve and ended sometime after the clock struck 12. Our Brazilian Baptist churches wanted to make sure that their priorities were set – that at least on this day they would renew their commitment to serve the Lord with their whole hearts, beginning as the year began.

  • The New Year is a time to focus on Christ’s work in our lives, especially that He has made us holy and righteous.  Everyone came dressed to the ‘Ano Novo’ in their best clothing and most wore white, symbolizing the purity of the finished work of Christ.

  • The New Year’s service was a time of celebration, as the focus was upon what God had done in their lives and what He would do in the coming year as they surrendered their lives to Christ.

  • The New Year began with families gathering to eat a feast. They celebrated God’s plan of creating the family and the fact that they family was united as one.

My encouragement to you as the former pastor of a Brazilian Baptist Church is to begin the New Year with a renewed commitment to the Lord, to allow the Lord to work in you and make you holy, to surrendering anew to Christ, and to commit to working toward unity in your family. My prayer is that 2015 be one of the greatest years in the history of Lynn Lane Baptist Church as we celebrate our 100th anniversary in September.  I love you.  Pastor Keith

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