From the Pastor's Desk - August 2012

From the Pastor’s Desk – August 2012 – What a blessing it was to serve the Lord in Macedonia. Next Sunday morning, August 5, our Macedonian Mission Team will share during the morning worship service.  I will save details about our trip until then, other than to thank all of you for praying for us. Our team worked together and had a great time serving the Lord.

Monday afternoon I attended a conference on church growth sponsored by the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. I was reminded that church growth is God’s will.  We are commanded to go and make disciples.  In a day of many churches in decline or dying, I was encouraged to remember not only God’s will but of God’s plan for growth….going to make disciples by sharing the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  If we want to see Lynn Lane Baptist  Church grow it will mean that we will be obedient to the Lord’s command.  Oh, and another thing I was reminded of…that church growth will require work on all our part.  We will need to enroll 20 more people in Bible study to see a net increase of 10 in attendance. That also means finding 40 prospects, because you will only enroll about half of active prospects. Jesus told us to ,go to the highways and hedges and compel them to come in.’ That means going and finding prospects, praying for them and inviting, encouraging and praying for them. Pray for me this week as I seek the Lord’s vision for LLBC. Then pray for our leadership as together we hear from the Lord and lead our church in reaching out to our community.

One of the problems of the church today is that so few of the members have been discipled, or taught the basics of the Christian life. The result is church members who struggle to discover what the Bible teaches on their own, or they don’t know what the Bible teaches or how to discern what is truth and what is not.  One of the things that I have been encouraging our mission team this past week was to pass on to others what God is teaching them.  In the OT fathers were to teach their children and lead their household in learning the things of God. In the NT the older men are told to teach the younger men and the older women the younger ones. If we are going to grow our church we will have to be obedient to these commands so that we will become mature believers . My encouragement to you is to either find someone that you can mentor in the Christian life or to find someone that can mentor you. You are never too old to learn. I have a mentor. Monthly we are meeting together and he is again reminding me of the basics of the Christian life. I am mentoring a couple of young men, passing along to them what God has taught me.  Today pray about who you can enter a mentoring relationship with. Then get started. If you need some help, come see me. I am praying for you. Yours in Christ, Bro. Keith

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