From the Pastor's Desk - April 2015

From the Pastor’s Desk – While on vacation we visited a church where the pastor was doing a series called “Bridges.”  He wrote: “Bridges...allow people or vehicles to get to locations they couldn’t otherwise get to....I think relationships are bridges that connect people.” That spoke to me because I believe that Biblically God uses relationships to influence people for Christ.  In the Bible we read that God is all about changing people’s lives. Did you ever think that the relationships that we have in our life were planned by God so that through us He could change someone else? 

In our discipleship ministry we are learning how to better influence others for Christ through our relationships.  Our example is Jesus.  Jesus preached to the multitudes, but He called 12 disciples and spent the majority of His time with them, preparing them to become “fishers of men,” and demonstrating for them what it meant to be His disciple.  After Jesus’ departure and after they received the Holy Spirit, His disciples did with others what Jesus had done with them: make more disciples who were disciple makers. 

At LLBC we are in the process of connecting people through the relationships that we form in Sunday School and our Community Groups, and using our relationships to influence others for Christ. And we are learning to be intentional disciple makers.  Three groups have finished the “how-to’s” of discipleship and are now learning the stories of the Bible as vehicles to teach about God. Why Bible stories? Bible stories are easily told and remembered. Anyone can learn the stories of the Bible and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit apply them to their life and then help others as they face similar situations.   Pray for us as we use our relationships to call others to follow Christ and to be changed by Him so that they too are committed to the mission of Jesus. Pastor Keith

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