From the Pastor's Desk - April 2014

From the Pastor’s Desk – April 2014 – To be the church that the Lord desires us to be we must be a praying church. But prayer is more than just asking for things from God. Rather, prayer is about establishing and maintaining a relationship with the Lord.

Sandy and I have had to work to maintain relationships with family over the years. We do it because of love. Christina has been in Germany for almost four years with a husband that we barely knew but loved. We wanted to be involved in their lives despite the distance. So we call them. We e-mail them. We text message them. We share pictures and experiences on Facebook. We Skype with them. And we have made three visits to see them in addition to the trips they have made to see us.

Now our son and his family are in Africa and we are working just as hard to maintain our relationship with them. We do it out of love for them. It is not a burden. We don’t hurry through it so we can get to something else. We linger. We anticipate the next contact. And our love/relationship grows despite the distance.

Prayer should be like that. Your prayer life is a reflection of your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. And just as we use every method we know to maintain contact with our family we spend our time with the Lord in praise and worship, in confession and repentance, in asking for ourselves and others and in listening to the Lord to build on our relationship with the Lord.

Jesus said that the Great Commandment is to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and one way we express that love is in prayer.

I am praying for you. Bro. Keith


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