Falls Creek 2010

Fall's Creek 2010 is coming! Here's some things to remember:

  • It's not too late to sign up and/or receive a scholarship!
  • The deadline for the trip cost ($100) is due JUNE 13, the Sunday before we leave.
  • There will be a mandatory parent meeting JUNE 13, the Sunday before we leave.
    • Student release forms are also due at this time.

Following is the Fall's Creek Code of Conduct, Dress Code, Contact Information, and "Don't Forget" list:


Don’t Forget…


Camper Packing List Suggestions

·       Modest clothing for six days (see dress code)

·       Bible

·       Notepad/Pen

·       Spending Money for concessions and meals on the way to camp and on the way back


Recreation Items

·       Extra clothes that can get wet or dirty

·       Long Shorts (See dress code.)

·       Closed toe shoes for the ropes course

·       Swimsuit (if two piece bring a dark t-shirt)

·       Girls: long covering (big t-shirt) to wear over swim suit when you are walking to and from the swimming areas. Guys: t-shirt to wear when you are walking to and from swimming area.

·       Skateboard, helmet and pads (Falls Creek provides pads if needed)

·       Softball glove

·       Volleyball (balls for games are provided)

·       Basketball

·       Fishing Tackle, etc.


Cabin Items

·       Pillow

·       Bedding

·       Towels

·       Flip flops for the shower

·       Hygiene products (Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, contact solution, lotion, face wash, soap, shampoo, razor/shaving cream—only if you shave!)

·       Straightners, blow dryers, hair product/gels, bobby pins/scrunchies

·       Eyeglass case

·       Flash light

·       Snacks

·       Cards/Small games

·       Sunglasses/Hat

·       SUNSCREEN!

·       Aloe vera

·       BUG SPRAY 



Code of Conduct

Not Allowed:

·       Pranks, fireworks, rock throwing, water fighting, laser pointers, shaving cream fights, tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, possession of weapons of any sort, and masks or any other disguise over the face (outside of the cabin).

·       All cycles are prohibited.

·       There is no swimming allowed in the creeks or lake unless there is a Falls Creek life guard present.

·       Skates, rollerblades and skateboards are permitted only in the SwiftSkate area and only at designated times.



·       Falls Creek Curfew is 10:15 p.m. You must be in the cabin by that time every night.


Dress Code


·       Campers may not wear apparel that exposes the midriff, is extremely tight fitting, or has writing on the back of the pants or shorts. Apparel may not display or promote tobacco, alcohol, controlled substances, or inappropriate language or pictures. All shorts and dresses should be modest length. *Modest shorts are defined as shorts that have at least a five inch inseam or longer and dresses and skirts should be four inches from the top of the knee or longer. Slits in dresses and skirts should also be modest in length. Shirts/tops must have at least three inches across the shoulder. Shoes and shirts must be worn at ALL times outside cabins, except while swimming.

·       A dark t-shirt must be worn over two-piece swimming suits. Males should not wear tight fitting swimming suits. While going to and from the swimming areas, all campers must wear shoes; males must wear a t-shirt and females must wear a long covering over their swimming suits.


Contact Info


Mail sent to campers:

·       Camper Name

Church name/ Cabin Name

Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center

6714 HWY 77D

Davis, OK 73030-8002


·       Josh’s Cell: (816) 729-6253

·       Sarah’s Cell: (918) 519-2008

·       EMERGENCY ONLY (Falls Creek Office): (580) 369-2101 or (405) 942-3000 ext. 3221