Do you ponder? by Sandy Stone

My wife, Sandy, wrote this devotional fo our Ladies Bible Study group. It is worth reading. 

Do you ponder?


Luke, in chapters 1 & 2,  tells us that Mary pondered the things she had heard and kept them in her heart. 


What does it mean to ponder?  The word ponder is defined as a verb, meaning: [with object] to think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion: 


So, do you ponder?  We know that Mary pondered the things Gabriel said to her, that she was honored above all women and that she had been chosen to be the mother of the Messiah.  She pondered the things the shepherds told her, the words of the angels.  She pondered the words of her son, Jesus, when she found him in the temple at the age of twelve, talking and teaching in the synagogue.  I believe that Mary thought about these things and as she received new information, she added it to what she already knew until she was confident that the thoughts she was having was in fact reality - that Jesus was God’s Son as much as He was hers and that she was blessed to be His mother.  These words that she pondered became treasures in her heart. 


So what about you?  Do you ponder the words of God?  Do you think about the things you have heard from God, from your Bible reading, from sermons or Bible lessons?  Do you add them all together to form a truth that you can treasure?  Do you guard them like the valuable treasure that they are?  You cannot ponder the things of God if you are not receiving words from God. 


As we ponder the things of God and hide these treasures in our hearts, we have a foundation upon which to fall during times of difficulty or grief.  I believe that all these words Mary had heard and treasured returned to her to comfort her during the crucifixion of her beloved Son.  She had pondered and came to the conclusion that truly He was the Son of God.  How that must have comforted her as she watched him die.  Many times in my life, I have faced difficulties and the Word of God has returned to my thoughts to encourage me and give me hope.  Even when the outcomes were not what I had hoped for, God’s Word reminded me that He is with me ALWAYS and that He works all things out according to His plan and will for my life.  (Rom 8:28)


God touches our hearts with His Word not just so that we can keep them in our hearts.  As we are more and more convinced of who God is and what He wants from us as His children, we should desire that others learn the same thing.  Our treasure is to be shared.  So, I guess it boils down to three things:


Do you ponder the things of God?

Do you treasure the things you have learned?

Do you share the treasure you have received?

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  February 2020  
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